Immigration from South America: Your Journey Forward

For over 10 years, Paula Montoya Law has assisted individuals and families in realizing the American dream and successful immigration from Brazil and other countries across South America. As an immigrant and naturalized American citizen herself, Attorney Montoya is able to apply real life experience and compassion to her work as a local immigration attorney from Brazil. Being fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese allows for the unique opportunity to serve many clients, both local and international, in their own comfortable native language.  Whether in need of a temporary visa, green card, or citizenship, many options exist for you and your loved ones.


Establishing Dependable Marriage Arrangements

If you wish to become married to a citizen of the United Sates, properly established documentation by a trusted immigration attorney may prove invaluable in the event of a death or divorce. Many couples attempt to prepare such arrangements on their own, only to find that failure to meet specific guidelines has rendered their agreement invalid in an American court of law. Obtaining a green card, settling pre and post nuptial arrangements, and completing immigration from Brazil or other surrounding countries are important life achievements that require the knowledge and expertise of a professional immigration attorney.


Obtaining Visas for Work, School, and Travel

The United States offers opportunities for immigration from South America under a variety of temporary or eventually permanent causes. Guidance from an immigration attorney for Brazil and other multinational interests may play a crucial role in ensuring a positive travel experience.

Visa can be made available for the following reasons:

  • Work

As overseas investments and communication in the modern age continue to rise, more companies are depending on the skilled labor and partnerships of foreign nationals. Commerce, specialty occupations, and a new global community for arts, sports, science, and entertainment are lending to the appreciative understanding of immigration from South American countries to the US.   

  • Academics

A student visa allows the holder to remain in the US as a full time student in order to achieve academic status and become submerged in the language in culture.

  • Tourism

Visas are also available for those in need of a brief temporary visit for business or medical care, or even only to see any astounding attractions this country has to offer.


Because You Dream of a Better Future

Once you have been a permanent resident of the United States for 5 continuous years (or less if you are already married to a US citizen), you can begin the process of naturalization to become an American citizen. Paula Ferreira Montoya is a qualified immigration Orlando attorney serving South America and clients throughout the world from one strategic location in Central Florida. Call today to schedule your appointment.