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Paula Montoya Law serves the Ocoee area as a resource for extensive legal care in a number of beneficial services. We serve a broad range of clients, both local and international, as individuals, families, and business owners in need of honest and informed advice to reach their short and long term goals. For every service from real estate and business law to probate and international estate planning, we provide dependable and intelligent strategies for proven success. Call today to schedule your first appointment and learn about our established professional care.


Finding the Right Immigration Attorney in the Ocoee Area

As an immigrant, a naturalized citizen and  long term resident of Central Florida, Ocoee area immigration attorney Paula Ferreira Montoya is able to bring compassion and experience to your journey towards a new life in a new country.  For every step of the immigration process, you can receive diligent care and respectful attention, including service in fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Paula Montoya Law connects clients from around the world to an immigration attorney in Ocoee with a unique multinational perspective and a sincere attitude of understanding.


Our Immigration Services include:

  • Work visas

  • Student Visas

  • Tourist Visas

  • Green cards

  • Permanent residency

  • Pre-Nuptial agreements

  • Full citizenship


Plan and Protect with an Ocoee Estate Area Planning Attorney

Without clear documentation from a qualified estate planning attorney in Ocoee, you risk undue stress or confusion for your surviving family as well as costly taxes and probate fees. At Paula Montoya Law, we specialize in local and international estate planning to ensure the proper execution of your final wishes. The unique intricacies of estate planning can seem daunting, but with assistance from an experienced professional, you can protect the legacy of your life’s achievements and ensure the well-being of loved ones.


A Trusted Partner

For years, Paula Montoya Law has aided the rise of local and international business endeavors with our comprehensive and knowledgeable legal experience. Whether for a new business just venturing forward or an existing one expanding to new breadths, the integrity and guidance of a competent Ocoee business attorney will ensure and maintain the stability of your financial future. Company start-ups, investment agreements, employment agreements, and more can be readily available and competently prepared. Call today to speak to Ocoee Area Attorney, Paula Montoya.