The Importance of Selecting a Winter Garden Area Estate Planning Attorney

Individuals, families, and business owners throughout the community will at some point in their lives need the guidance and assistance of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney in the Winter Garden area. Even if your assets are only minimal or your end of life care seems fairly straightforward, it is important to seek the advice of a skilled professional. At Paula Montoya Law, clients enjoy the confidence of detailed guidance through the important and often overlooked details of estate planning.

Preparing the fine points of your afterlife arrangements and asset protection under the direction of an experienced Winter Garden area estate planning attorney will save you and your loved ones untold hours of confusion and significant expenses. Otherwise, you may be forced to pay costly estate tax rates and problematically high probate fees in a time consuming court process. Furthermore, without a clearly designated executor to bequeath your property to specific family members, you force your loved ones to endure the stress and hassle of dividing the values of your estate.  

Your final wishes in regards to funeral arrangements, the care of your children, and even life prolonging medical care are no light matter to leave unplanned. Estate planning involves much more than simply your home and bank account.

A Winter Garden area estate planning attorney will help prepare and ensure your preferred arrangements for:

  • Retirement and Investment Accounts

  • Stock and Securities

  • Business Interests

  • Firearms

  • Artwork

  • Jewelry

  • Pets

  • Cars

  • Real Estate

  • Collectibles

  • And all assets owned by you at the time of your death

The Honest, Experienced Approach

Paula Ferreira Montoya has served local residents with quality legal assistance in the Winter Garden area and the surrounding communities. She has been a resident of Central Florida since the age of 9 and over the course of a distinguished law career has since assisted numbers of satisfied clients, providing dependable representation. A clear and uncomplicated approach, marked by keen and knowledgeable advice, helps to provide smart decisions for clients achieving short and long term goals.

Multilingual Assistance with International Estate Planning

As current trends rise for foreign business investors in Central Florida and throughout the United States, the need for steadfast estate preparations, especially for Latin America, is now more prevalent than ever. Paula Montoya Law is a local law firm with international estate planning experience.  Attorney Montoya in the Winter Garden area offers services in fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We can help with International estate planning services for those wishing to protect their assets in the United States while abroad.

Protecting a Legacy

The office for Paula Montoya Law is conveniently located. One consultative talk with a qualified Winter Garden area estate planning attorney can thoroughly explain all potential options for you and the needs of your family and unique lifestyle. Call today and schedule your appointment.