The Reassurance of a Qualified Orlando Area Estate Planning Attorney

Clients of Paula Montoya Law enjoy the practical guidance and undivided attention of a knowledgeable and experienced local estate planning attorney for Orlando and the surrounding communities. I am conveniently located for scheduling new appointments with only a single phone call.  I have served individuals, families, and business owners throughout Central Florida, and I am dedicated to continuing a comprehensive career built upon quality and integrity.

Estate planning is much more than an exclusive benefit to the wealthy.  The plans you prepare today will ensure the future and stability of all you have worked to achieve in your lifetime. With the aid of a skilled estate planning attorney in the Orlando area, you can receive step-by-step guidance to ensure the best results of every possible detail.   

A Clear Strategy for Unmistakable Results

Whether your life assets are simple or especially complex, meeting with an estate planning attorney in the Orlando area can connect you with valuable options and opportunities that are often easily overlooked. My only goal is to assist those in need with reaching established short and long term goals through the use of smart and informed decisions. For every service, from establishing a revocable trust to preparing living wills, a concise and direct plan of action will help eliminate the stress and confusion of even the most trying times.

At Paula Montoya Law, I provide for my clients honest and effective planning strategies to help protect the legacy of your life’s achievements. Preparing detailed plans with a dependable Orlando area estate planning attorney will save you and your loved ones the added expense and confusion of probate costs, taxes, and unclear beneficiaries.   

Preparations from an estate planning attorney in Orlando will protect:

  • Bank accounts

  • Life insurance policies

  • Business investments

  • Real estate

  • Personal property

  • And more!

In addition to identifying precisely how your estate and family will be cared for when you are gone, you can officially record your final wishes in regards to after life care and expenses. Your well being and all of your many assets deserve to be carefully accounted for under the guidance of a well-informed Orlando area estate planning attorney.  

International Estate Planning and Comprehensive Legal Care

Paula Montoya Law is one of very few law firms in the Orlando area specializing in international estate planning. Even if your final wishes are clearly recorded abroad, any assets left unclearly claimed in the United States are subject to heavy taxation and complex legalities. As the influence from overseas investors in the United States continues to rise, it is important to maintain access to a competent professional with first hand understanding of local law and international clients.

As an immigrant and a resident of Central Florida for over 20 years, I am able to provide cunning insight and valuable guidance for every necessity, with a unique and comprehensive understanding. Regardless of how simple or complex your situation may seem, professional care is available.  Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.